Clothesline Clothing Co. is THRIVING


Thriving is a web-series in which Sabre Real Estate interviews local business owners. They get a chance to tell their stories, and explain how they continue to THRIVE in a competitive market. The following is a group of transcribed highlights from Episode 1.

Guest: Lisa Sanfilippo Clothesline Clothing Co.

JAY SIANO — “Lisa, it’s great to see you. How long has Clothesline been in existence?”

LISA SANFILIPPO — “Clothesline has been open for 11 years now. We just had our anniversary this month.”

JAY — “Congratulations! What inspired you to get into the fashion industry?”

LISA — “I was a buyer for a major retailer for a fairly long time. I always wanted to do it on my own, and I decided this was the best way to do that.”

JAY — “Bedford Avenue in Bellmore is obviously a neighborhood-y, main street type of location. How did you select it?”

LISA — “Well, my husband is from the area. We were just passing by one day, and I saw this location and knew right away.”

JAY — “Who is your core customer here at Clothesline?”

LISA — “My core customer is anyone from a high-school age, to any woman who just loves to look good and feel good.”



Don’t forget to catch the FULL EPISODE below, and make sure to stop in and say hi to Lisa at Clothesline Clothing Co.

402 Bedford Ave, Bellmore, NY 11710