Who we are​

The Curate team at SABRE believes real estate projects that excel are those who look to connect with consumers in new ways. It is our mission to help communities reach their potential by developing consumer experiences to authentically alter public image, tap into new markets, and create possibilities.

We motivate and encourage the creative process in innovative techniques while boasting developers needs to fulfill their spaces in aesthetically stimulating ways


Curate develops and/or oversees branding, marketing, and aesthetic design for projects in conjunction with owners and owner’s representatives through:

  • Brand re-position and facade/interior enhancement (overseeing construction, reconfigurations etc)
  • Attraction development and implementation
  • Content strategy and creation (contingent on production budgets)
  • Event and Promotional Planning (contingent on budgets)


  • Conceptualize uses for the property beyond traditional local or regional retailers.
  • Partner with brands that are a good fit for the property and its target market.


  • Shape public spaces in a way that is inviting and engaging for customers.
  • Incorporate the ideas and assets of the people using the property into the design of the space.
  • Host events and activities that will draw customers to the property and create a sense of community.

Social Leasing

  • Use direct message strategy to attract brands to the property.
  • Engage with local consumers to help address wants and needs of the market.
  • Leverage social media to build relationships with potential tenants and create a buzz around the property.

Location Analytics

  • Track consumer behavior, such as foot traffic and dwell time, to understand how people are using the property.
  • Create targeted avatars of potential customers based on their demographics, interests, and behavior.
  • Use psychographics and mobile analytics to understand the motivations and needs of potential customers.

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