“How do you like your balls?” — That MeetBall Place is THRIVING


Thriving is a web-series in which Sabre Real Estate interviews local business owners. They get a chance to tell their stories, and explain how they continue to THRIVE in a competitive market. The following is a group of transcribed highlights from Episode 3.

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Guests: Joe Reale — That Meetball Place

STU FAGEN — I’m here at That Meetball Place in downtown Farmingdale with Joe Reale. We’re gonna find out what he’s got cookin’ for the future. Joe, can you tell me how That Meetball Place got started?

JOE REALE — Well, it goes back probably 5 or 6 years now. I had talked to my brother and other partners about getting something started. It took a bit of convincing until they actually saw the explosive growth in the village of Farmingdale. After that, it was off to the races.

“Within a couple of days we found a spot, had a lease in place, and it was off to the races.”

STU — Talk to me about the build-out. I see you have a lot of natural elements here. I’m assuming that was on purpose.

JOE — We actually purchased a barn, took all of the wood and metal from it, and had it cut to specifics for the restaurants.

STU — Talk to me about the brand and where you see it a few years from now.

JOE — I really believe in the brand. We bring a whole new demographic and energy to the village, and I can see us fitting in any downtown area.



After speaking with Joe, we got a tour of That Meetball Place from the General Manager, Jennifer Villasante. She showed us 2 unique spots of the restaurant, and let us sample some of their signature dishes!


The TMP Underground — have your own private dinner party with a customized menu!
The Patio — an indoor room with an outdoor feel, the most popular spot in the restaurant!

To see some of That Meetball Place’s signature dishes, and the rest of our tour, check out the full video below!