portfolio Optmization

Hundreds of thousands of retailers have been severely impacted by the temporary shutdowns forced in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. No group is immune to the impact of the entire population being forced to stay at home. Companies that were in a strong financial position prior to March 2020 will likely survive the initial shut down, but what follows is likely a very slow ramp back to “normal”. So many restaurants, retailers, fitness studios, family entertainment concepts, and more are not going to be able to survive an extended partial opening. Both large national brands as well as mom and pop businesses, are going to be forced to shut their doors permanently.

The vacancy waterfall is the next epidemic we’re going to face.
Not all landlords understand this.

For the next year or more, the focus is going to be survival and recovery.

The goal for tenants should be to:

SABRE Advisors is uniquely positioned to support tenants achieve their objectives. We have an experienced team that can help create and execute a custom rent restructuring plan for tenants. We understand the needs of both tenants and landlords so we can help bridge the gap.

  • Negotiating short-term rent deferrals and abatements
  • Negotiating mid-term & long-term solutions
  • Base rent reductions and restructuring
  • ‘Blend and extend’
  • Percentage rent supplementation or substitution
  • Non-monetary lease modifications (elimination or inclusion of certain clauses)

We have extensive experience with structuring creative deals with all types of landlord and tenants across the country. These creative deals are needed now more than ever. We utilize this experience and comprehensive consumer data to help guide reasonable and inventive solutions in order to help your business get back on track and set you up for long-term success.

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