Last week we had our annual Softball game, which is always exciting. But in addition to the game, we started the first annual 40 yd dash. The Sabre Race.

In the brokerage community, and specifically at Sabre, you have a competitive nature with hungry, aggressive personalities that like to compete with each other. Somebody started bragging that they were the fastest person on the planet… I think it was Max. Tyler overheard it, and being the former captain of his football team, he couldn’t allow that to go unanswered. You had Joe Rossi and Marc Alper chime in, and that’s when the emails started going.

I took a chance and decided to put my support behind C-Money. Everybody got involved in the trash-talk. Mike Florey, Georgie Skaliarinis, Justin Korinis, Stu Fagen, Ken Bordieri. All these people started talking smack and the crazy part is, they all actually thought they were gunna win, which made it an amazing race.

There was tons of hype, trash-talking, and side-betting. Everything you’d want in an event like this.

But what happened is something that nobody could ever anticipate.

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