Case Study

Reshaping an Industry in Need of a Change

The world of cosmetic dermatology can be fragmented and tough to navigate. From inconvenient scheduling to low-quality services, and no price transparency, it’s hard to know if you’re going to the right people for help. That’s exactly what ever/body wanted to change. They created a convenient place where people knew they were getting the best services. The result was a tech-enabled, hospitality-centric brand that provides 360-degree services by expert providers.

Scaling an Unrivaled Concept

In 2020 with just two locations open in Manhattan and no additional locations in its development pipeline, ever/body was looking to expand quickly. With no time to build an in-house team, they needed partners to help with strategic planning, site acquisition, design and architecture, and construction management.

Filling the void

SABRE came in to fill that void and help scale quickly, providing ever/body with an external real estate department empowered to negotiate deal economics within company parameters on suitable sites. After defining the customer profile and site selection metrics, SABRE developed portfolio-level metrics to measure the year-over-year changes in real estate, and construction KPIs to establish benchmarks to evaluate new deals. SABRE drafted the company’s five-year and annual expansion plans which were presented to the ever/body Board of Directors along with strategy for each market. Through it all, SABRE worked with ever/body’s selected providers of legal, architecture, and construction management services to create an external end-to-end development solution.

SABRE’s Impact

The effect this had on ever/body’s growth was significant. In the first 24 months of the program, ever/body has:
ever/body hopes to continue this rapid growth with goals of expanding to 50+ locations in major markets across the US by the end of 2025.


In an industry that can be overwhelming and often overrun with misinformation, false promises, and asterisks, we founded Ever/Body to help you understand what’s what.

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