Case Study

The [solidcore] story

At its inception, [solidcore] was a small boutique fitness studio in the DC metro area with big ambitions. CEO and Chairwoman Anne Mahlum opened the first location in 2013, and by 2019 the company had expanded to 50 studios in 15 states. 

The SABRE effect

The SABRE team leveraged our relationships with premier local real estate partners across the country to implement the national rollout plan. The strategy was based on demographic and psychographic data and designed to enter tier-one markets and meet the expansion goals of [solidcore], setting the brand up for the years to come. Our aggressive negotiation strategy saves money, making rapid growth and expansion possible. 

SABRE provides [solidicore] with an external real estate team run by a senior point of contact and experienced staff that works with our local partners to execute the site acquisition program. 

Each week, we conduct real estate meetings with [solidicore] and participate in cross-functional development meetings with the architects, engineers, and construction management team to make sure everything stays on track. We also conduct ad hoc real estate committee meetings and present the sites for approval, run the proforma for each location, and participate in lease reviews and negotiations.

A unique approach to fitness

[solidcore] combines high-intensity, low-impact full-body workouts with Pilates. Low lights and high music allow you to become the nest version of yourself as you reach your fitness peak. 

The Results

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Anne Mahlum

About [solidcore]

Anne Mahlum’s brand story embodies the culture and community of [solidcore]. 

Anne is an entrepreneur who knows how to build quickly and with purpose. Prior to creating [silodcore] into what it is today, Anne led several other successful organizations to similar success. She was the CEO of Back on My Feet (BoMF), a non-profit organization she founded in Philadelphia in 2007, which grew to become a $6.5M privately-funded organization with a staff of 48, thousands of volunteers, and hundreds of members.

Anne has received recognition in the media for her strong business acumen, including features in The Washington Post and The Washington Business Journal. She regularly speaks at corporate events, academic institutions, and conferences on numerous topics including bold leadership, finding your happiness, the business behind starting a nonprofit, and social change.

[solidcore] recently took an investment to infill existing markets and expand into new territories with PE group VMG out of San Francisco, which will allow them to open 20-30 corporately owned studios per year for the foreseeable future.

Culture is not just created by words; it is created through actions. It is our commitment to you that every time you come to the studio, you’ll feel welcomed, supported, motivated and challenged.

We aim to be a community that helps you love your body and mind while you create the [strongest] version of yourself.

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